5 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans

Why build a DIY raised garden bed? first of all, they look great! But have you priced these things lately?? In case you haven’t, Just look on Amazon… But trust me you don’t want to buy them, especially if you own a few tools and have a couple of hours you can build your own DIY Raised Garden Bed. And save yourself a fortune!

Benefits of Raised Garden Bed

You are able to use your own soil mixture. You are not going to be planting directly in the ground, So you can create your own mixture and choose the type of soil and the quality of the soil you would like. This can be very important especially depending on where if you live.

I compiled a short list ( I may add to it in the future ) of some easy DIY raised garden bed plans and even if you are a beginner you should have no problem building these, and they won’t cost much either!

Note: all of these plans are fairly simple and you should have no problem adjusting the sizes to fit any space.


Difficulty: Easy

These are simple raised garden bed boxes that do not have a bottom, and you can make them for less than $18 a piece, even if you are a beginning woodworker you should not have a problem building these in a couple of hours or so. I found these plans over at rockyhedgefarm.com

DIY Raised Vegetable Garden Beds
Image source: https://rockyhedgefarm.com/blog/how-to-build-raised-garden-beds-chemical-free-and-long-lasting

2. Simple DIY Raised Garden Bed With 4×4 Posts

Difficulty: Easy

These garden beds are simple, they look great and the plans don’t even require screws! (Although screws may make the job a little easier) these are a great option for anyone looking to build some simple DIY raised garden beds! (if you don’t want to buy 4×4’s you can simply screw 2 2×4’s together to make a 4×4) These plans were found at vegetablegardener.com

5 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans 1
Image Source: http://www.vegetablegardener.com/item/2606/build-your-own-raised-beds/page/all

3. DIY Raised garden bed with top cap

Difficulty: Easy-ish

This one is a bit more complicated than the previous two just because you have to make some angled cuts for the top cap, these are pretty easy cuts to make if you own a miter saw and I think the cap gives it a great look! Definitely, a great set of plans for an easy DIY raised garden bed. Found at: www.chrislovesjulia.com

5 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans 2
Image Source: https://www.chrislovesjulia.com/our-diy-raised-garden-beds/

4. Simple DIY Raised Garden Bed

Difficulty: Very Easy

If you are looking for the easiest option I would probably go with this one. These are very simple to build, you can use cheap lumber and very limited tool’s are required. They mention you need a miter saw but honestly these are very easy cuts and you could easily get away with just having a circular saw, or even a hand saw if you have no other choice. Excellent set of DIY plans I found over at: sageandshepherd.com

5 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans 3
Image source: https://sageandshepherd.com/how-to-build-raised-garden-beds-easy-diy/

Corrugated Metal DIY Raised Garden Bed

Difficulty: Medium

Now this one is a bit more difficult, but I love these! I have yet to build any myself but I am definitely adding these to my list, I really like the look of the Corrugated metal and after reviewing the plans they provided it looks like this could be a fairly easy project (Depending on your experience) If you have never built anything before I recommend you try one of the other sets of plans above first! I found this plans at: mycrazygoodlife.com

5 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Plans 4
Image Source: https://mycrazygoodlife.com/diy-raised-garden-beds-with-corrugated-metal/

Pro Tips:

Try to use cedar wherever you can, it is naturally weather resistant and will last much longer, I personally buy cedar fence pickets and build all kinds of things out of them and you can usually find them on sale at your local Home Depot or Lowes for less than $2.00 each.

If you are working on a budget instead of buying 4×4’s which are usually pretty expensive you can screw two 2×4’s together. They don’t look nearly as good but I usually do this when I am working on something not many people will see or it will be hidden.

Final Notes:

Remember, you don’t always have to follow DIY plans step by step and make everything exactly the same, It can be fun to make your own version! I find myself doing this a lot when I don’t have the exact materials they use in the plans and I am forced to improvise.

Like I said before I may add to this list in the future depending on popular demand! But if you are a beginner just getting started you can’t go wrong with any of the DIY raised garden bed plans I listed above, All of them are fairly easy and you can get them done on a budget!

Be sure to let me know if you want to see more! And don’t forget to send pictures of your built raised garden beds!

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Budget Power Tools

Dewalt 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver

Very Lightweight, Has Plenty Of Power And Will Be Sure To Get The Job Done, I Have Tried Almost Every Brand Of Cordless Drill And This Is By Far My Favorite. 

Genesis GMSDR1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Miter saws can get expensive pretty quickly if you go name brand, I personally use this saw in my shop and have been very impressed. It comes with all the fancy features but for half the price! . 


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