DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat

If you are looking for some really simple but yet sturdy outdoor seating you won’t go wrong here! 

You can build these for around $20 each

Note: Depending on what you decide to do with paint/stain/finish the price might be a bit higher. 

I originally found the plans for the chair on Ana-white’s website you can see her plans here:

But I also wanted to make a loveseat, which she had not made yet (Now they have added a loveseat to their plans) 

Also after building the first chair I decided I did not like the sizing it felt like the arms were to low and the back cushion really did not have any support so I modified the chairs a bit and rebuilt the chair and also made a matching loveseat. 

I also decided to reverse the arms so the 2×6’s are on the outside instead of the inside, Originally I did this by mistake but I decided to keep it that way because it helped hold my cushion in place and I like it better that way. But most people I have asked say they prefer the arms the original way that Ana-white had them though, so the choice is yours!

Let’s dive into my DIY modern outdoor chair and loveseat plans! 

Material List:

10 - 2x6x8 Pine boards
10 - 2x4x8 Pine boards
1 - 2x2x8 Pine Board
Stain/Paint (Optional)

2lbs - T25 2"3/4 Screws
220 Grit Sandpaper
80 Grit Sandpaper

DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 1

Please Note: My material list includes enough material to build 1 chair & 1 love seat. It also helps If you have a truck because the boards are 8 foot long, but if not you you can usually get local lumber yards to deliver. 

Sand The Boards


Before I made any cuts I sanded down all of the boards, Yes this is time consuming but it is well worth it, it will make your boards much smoother and it does not matter if you decide to paint or stain it will make a world of difference in the final product. 

I first sanded down all of the boards with an 80 Grit sand paper using a random orbit sander to remove all of the ink from the boards as well as remove all the rough edges and smooth out the boards. I recommend using a random orbit sander if you are looking for speed but if you don’t have one you can use any sander. 

After I finished sanding with the 80 grit I then went back over all the boards with a 220 grit, this is what makes your boards feel soft and smooth!

Prime & Stain/Paint (Optional)


I recommend if you are going to wan’t your seats stained or painted you do it before you cut and assemble, it will go 10x faster and you will have a better finished product and only need to do some minor touch up once assembled.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to stain your boards I highly recommend using a stain primer on your boards before staining, Pine boards naturally don’t stain as well as most other lumber, using a primer first will make a huge difference, if you don’t your boards may look blotchy.

When looking for a primer to buy try to buy one that matches the brand of stain you are getting, for example if you are buying minwax stain make sure to buy minwax primer. I apply the stain and primer with stain sponges that you can get almost anywhere I get my at my local Lowes. 

After applying the primer you only need to wait for 10 – 15 minutes before staining the boards. But don’t wait too long, if you wait more than a couple of hours the primer won’t be as effective. 

Make Cuts

I used a 10″ Miter saw to make all of my cuts because it allows me to be accurate and make the cuts quickly, but if you don’t have one you can get by with a circular saw or a hand saw if you really had too.

The chair and Loveseat are designed to fit with 25×25″ cushions so adjust accordingly if you plan to use different sized cushions.  

Cut List: Chair

4 - 2x4 @ 25-1/4" - Legs
6 - 2x6 @ 25 -1/2" - Side Slats
2 - 2x4 @ 28 - 1/2" - Arm Rests
5 - 2x4 @ 25" Seat Slats

4 - 2x6 @ 25" - Front & Back Slats
2 - 2x4 @ 25" - Front Top Slat And Back Top
2 - 2x2 @ 25- 1/2" - Inside cleats

Cut List: Loveseat

4 - 2x4 @ 25-1/4" - Legs
6 - 2x6 @ 25 -1/2" - Side Slats
2 - 2x4 @ 28 - 1/2" - Arm Rests
5 - 2x4 @ 48" Seat Slats

4 - 2x6 @ 48" - Front & Back Slats
2 - 2x4 @ 48" - Front Top Slat And Back Top
2 - 2x2 @ 25- 1/2" - Inside cleats

The difference between mine and Ana-White’s is that I made the legs 3″ taller and made the side slats and the arm rests 3″ shorter, This makes the chair taller and not as deep, I found this to be much more comfortable, but if you prefer it the other way you can cut the legs 3″ inches shorter and cut the side slats & the arm rest 3″ longer.

The only difference in the love seat and the chair is the front and back slats are 48″ inches and the seat slats are 48″ as well, you can adjust this to your choosing.

Assemble The Sides

Attach The legs to the 25-1/2″ 2×6’s using 2-3/4″ screws, I used a scrap 2×4 for a spacer in-between the slats , Ana-White used a  1×4 so I had larger spaces, I did this because I made the legs 3″ longer and wanted the seat to sit lower.

You can see what the sides should look like below Please Note: the image below is not my image it belongs to Ana-White I was a bonehead and did not take any pictures while I was assembling, Sorry!

DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 2
Image Source:

Attach Front & Back Slats

If you have anyone that can give you a hand with this it will greatly help, but if not you can see how Ana-White threaded a board in between the slats to support the boards while she fastened them.

You can see what this looks like below Please Note: the image below is not my image it belongs to Ana-White as well!

DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 3
Image Source:

Attach Seat Slats


You will need to attach the two seat cleats, I set mine 1-5/8″ from the top of the 1st 2×6 from the bottom. 

Once you have attached the cleats you will be able to attach the seat slats and your finished!

DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 4
DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 5
DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 6
DIY Modern Outdoor Chair & Loveseat 7

 I originally only bought 1 set of cushions to check to make sure I liked them on the chair before I wen’t back and bought the rest, I just bought cheap cushions from Walmart but I will probably upgrade them at some point. For now they are comfortable and we love our Modern Chair & Loveseat!

I hope you found some value from my DIY Modern outdoor chair and loveseat plans! I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! 

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Budget Power Tools

Dewalt 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver

Very Lightweight, Has Plenty Of Power And Will Be Sure To Get The Job Done, I Have Tried Almost Every Brand Of Cordless Drill And This Is By Far My Favorite. 

Genesis GMSDR1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Miter saws can get expensive pretty quickly if you go name brand, I personally use this saw in my shop and have been very impressed. It comes with all the fancy features but for half the price! . 


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