Complete Guide On How To Sell Your DIY Projects – 5+ Ideas

Let’s be honest, almost everyone these days has a side hustle to make some extra cash, I know I do. So today I am going to share some ideas on how you can make some extra money by deciding to sell your DIY projects!

Whether you are just looking for some extra cash or looking to create your own small business it has never been easier to get started building and selling your projects.

Below I outline where you can find Ideas for projects to sell, where you can sell your DIY projects, and how much you should charge. 

So let’s get started! 


Where can you find Ideas for DIY Projects to sell?

One huge mistake I see many people make when they first get started selling DIY projects is that they find something that they like, they build it, and then try to sell it. This can work but you could also get stuck with a bunch of projects that no one wanted to buy. 

Instead I suggest you do a little bit of research first and try to see what people are currently buying. This way if you create something similar the odds of you being able to sell it are much higher. 

There are a few ways you can do this, but I am just going to outline a couple of them. 

#1. Etsy - How To Find DIY Projects To Sell On Etsy

This can be a little confusing because Etsy does not really publicly show how many of something has sold, but you can look for listings that have the “Best Seller Badge” this usually means that the product is selling really well and might be a good Idea to consider a similar product.

You can also look for sellers that have ton’s of reviews and browse through their products to see which ones are selling best for them.

Note: Etsy groups all of that sellers product reviews together, so just because a listing has lots of reviews does not mean it sells really well. Be sure to check out their reviews and see which products people are reviewing most.

Complete Guide On How To Sell Your DIY Projects - 5+ Ideas 1

#2. Pinterest - How To Find DIY Projects To Sell On Pinterest

Finding things on Pinterest is actually pretty easyyou can just look for projects that have ton’s of re-pins, if lot’s of people are re-pinning it that must mean that they like it right? Personally I like the Etsy method better because you know people are actually buying on Etsy vs people just browsing and sharing on Pinterest. 

There are plenty of other ways you can find DIY projects to sell but Honestly just by browsing through Etsy and Pinterest you should be able to find more than enough projects that people are willing to buy. 

Complete Guide On How To Sell Your DIY Projects - 5+ Ideas 2


You also will need to consider time of year, you probably don’t want to be selling raised garden beds or outdoor patio furniture in November, Obviously if you have order requests from people that is different, but if you are just building stuff and then trying to sell it I would avoid building any outdoor products in the winter. The only exception being if you live somewhere where it is always warm, I live in Minnesota and trust me no one is relaxing outside in the winter here. 

How Much Can You Sell Your DIY Projects For?

The next problem that many people have is pricing the products, you need to make sure that you are reasonably priced and are compare able to what you have seen similar products sell for. Don’t get emotionally attached and think your projects are worth their weight in gold, You will end up spending a lot more time trying to sell your projects than actually building them. 

You should already be thinking about how much you can sell the product for before you ever even considering building it, mostly because you need to figure out how much the material cost is going to be and if you can even make any money on it. If you are building something that you can sell for $100 make sure you material costs are no more than $50. Otherwise you are going to be doing a lot of work and not making much money. 

Where can you sell your DIY projects?

Nowadays this step is much easier, you use to have to take out an ad in a newspaper or go to flea markets to try and sell anything. I am going to list a few of my favorite methods below. 

#1. FACEBOOK: Sell Your DIY Projects On the Facebook Marketplace

I don’t care what anybody says, for someone just getting started making money with DIY projects this is by far the easiest place to sell just about anything, You can snap a couple of pictures, upload it to the marketplace and it is Free. I know people who have created entire businesses around selling things on the Facebook marketplace, it is incredibily powerful especially if you live somewhere with a decent sized population, there are about 200,000 people where I live and this works great. 

You can also tell people that you make custom sizes & can do custom colors and you can get a lot of custom orders from people so you don’t have to build everything before you sell it. 

#2. CRAIGSLIST: Sell Your DIY Projects On Craigslist

Believe it or not Craigslist is still relevant, and yes people still use it. Make sure you are always publishing all of your new projects on craiglist and it might surprise you how much business you will get from uploading your DIY projects to Craigslist.

#3. ETSY: Sell Your DIY Projects On Etsy

The good thing about Etsy is that it does not limit you by location, the bad part about it is that it does limit you in terms of how big you can make things, You really have to be careful and build things you can optimize for great shipping rates. No one is going to buy something for $50 from you if it costs $75 to ship. I personally don’t do a lot on Etsy because I tend to focus on larger projects like tables and furniture. But it is a great place to sell small to medium sized projects and the ability to scale is huge.

#4. Flea Markets: Sell Your DIY Projects at Flea Markets

Complete Guide On How To Sell Your DIY Projects - 5+ Ideas 6

I know I said above that this was an old way of doing things but it still works, It is a great place to take any unsold projects you have to try to get rid of them or you can even build your most popular pieces and take them to the flea market, You can get many custom orders and leads from the flea market as well so don’t ever count them out. 

Obviously there are many more ways for you to sell your DIY projects so always keep an open mind and explore other options to grow your business as you go. But these 4 should be more than enough for you to get started. 

Final Words: 

You should never start a DIY business just wanting to make money, you need to actually enjoy the projects, it will reflect in your quality of work. And at the end of the day whenever starting any business you need to have the end customer in mind and figure out a way you can serve them best. 

So if you enjoy doing DIY Projects like I do, Maybe you should consider selling some of your DIY projects for some extra money! 

I hope this short guide gave you some ideas! I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.


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